Organizational Challenges

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1. Prizes and matches are only eligible for organizations with complete profiles. This includes a logo, cover photo, and text within the Our Story section of a profile page.
2. Prizes will be awarded based on donations made within the 12-hour giving day (7:00 am - 6:59 pm, Thursday, April 20, 2023 - with the exception of the VIP DAF Giving Prize).
3. Offline gifts are NOT eligible for matches. Offline gifts ARE eligible for prizes as long as they are entered in the system within the giving day time frame (7a-7p).
4. The minimum amount for an offline donation to count as a unique donor is $5. If you are entering offline donations for your organization, remember that you can combine offline gifts of under $5, but you must only count one donor for the $5 minimum. EX. Five gifts of $1 = one $5 gift from ONE donor.
5. Nonprofits are only eligible to receive two prizes total, excluding prizes calculated by having the most unique donors.
6. In the event of ties, prizes will be split.
7. Organizations selected their primary and secondary cause categories upon registration. These are the categories used for certain match periods and prizes. Prizes will explicitly state if the primary or secondary cause category is the one being used for a particular prize.
8. Organizations selected their organizational size category upon registration and their size was validated against their 990s.
9. Prize money will be added into the organization's total raised during Give Greater.
10. Winners will be announced on the prize page of Give Greater Allen County. Prizes winners will be announced throughout the day and several prizes will be announced at the Give Greater After Party which is open to participating non-profits at the final program starting at 8:00p. Organizations are encouraged to attend but do not need to be present to win.
11. Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne reserves the right to make rules and contest changes as necessary during the campaign. CFGFW may also audit and verify organizations who are awarded prize money. CFGFW reserves the right to exercise discretion in choosing prizes if irregularities arise.